Day 232: Personal Space

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August 19, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Moving to Boston has given me the chance at a thousand fresh starts.  New jobs, opportunities, colleagues, friends; new things to do and discover and even create; new places to go, shop, see, and a new place to live.  For me, a new place to call home requires that it actually feel like a home to me.  It’s more than walls, floors and furniture – if I’m going to go to bed and wake up here, read, write, work, study, and play here and actually enjoy it all here, I’ve got to make it my own.  I’ve always tried to make my room a reflection of myself, or at least a self I’d like to be.  Books (most of which I haven’t read yet, but intend to), plants, mirrors, white boards, home-made decorations, candles, more books…it’s an environment created by me, for me, that appeals to the person I’m working to be.  It’s a personal space and an adaptable one; I’ve made it my own and I’ll remake it as I remake myself.  Today’s project is on a mission to help make your world and mine a lot more personal.

PLY90 is a connector to help you build almost anything you want and could use.  Designed to bring together the simplest building supplies, the possibilities for construction are unlimited and totally in your hands.

The PLY90 is a patent pending connector design that makes creating easier.  It’s a faster, better looking, and fun alternative to drilling and screwing projects together.

Most of the world relies on pre-manufactured furniture – things created by other people, for other people.  Now, though, you can have a hand in building a world that fits your life, just the way you like it.  Start making your own personal space by backing this project before August 22.


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