Day 231: Around the World in Eighty Bites

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August 18, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

So by now, you might have heard what I think and how I feel about cooking.  It’s more than fun, it’s more than practical, it’s enlightening.  Cooking is an experiential learning process, able to build technical aptitude, hone the senses, and develop appreciation for what you eat (after all, it is what you are).  I’ll say it again: everyone can cook, and everyone should.  Even if it’s as simple as an omelette or home-made almond butter, the rewards of feeding yourself extend beyond the last bite.  With the right ingredients (including courage, determination and patience), you can travel across the world and explore sensations you’ve never experienced before – even create ones never before attempted by mankind – without leaving your kitchen.  Well, I suppose you’ll have to step out at some point to go pick up eggs and tomatoes, but hurry home, because today’s project wants to take you on a global odyssey, beginning on your stove and ending on your table.

Culture Kitchen is developing at-home, mail-ordered cooking kits, meant to equip, inform and inspire at-home cooking adventures with tastes from around the world.  They’ll mail you the recipes, the (sometimes hard-to-find) ingredients and the experiences, the insights and the stories of the chefs that cook to keep their culture alive for as long as people love to eat.

Culture Kitchen Kits contain far more than its ample physical contents. Each kit embodies the story of the Master Cook that was pivotal to its design. Our Kits were not compiled by a single culinary school graduate with a broad education in international cuisine but individually crafted by an astoundingly talented man or woman who learned his/her wares through years of impassioned routine, experts in the practical application of their respective culture’s cuisine. Our Master Cooks brought their generations-old recipes with them when they immigrated to the US. These are not formally trained chefs. There is no fusion, no molecular gastronomy: just passionate people who love cooking, and love sharing their culture through food.

This is such a neat idea.  For the too-many millions of people intimidated by their kitchen or who’ve never set foot in an Indian, Japanese or Mexican grocery store, these kits are a easy way into the wide world of cooking.  They might be a gateway drug to a life-long cooking addiction – an addiction I think that probably turns out to be healthier than most.  Even for those of us already boasting a love for home-made cuisine, Culture Kitchen is introducing and inspiring new recipes, new ingredients and new experiences into our homes and our lives.

Learn to love cooking – it’s a skill that will love you back.  Back these cultural kitchen kits on Kickstarter before August 21.


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