Day 229: Back Burner Blast Off

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August 16, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It’s no big secret: I like space.  I suppose that’s too general of a statement to make – space, after all, is big, and there’s a lot of it to like.  Also, I’ve never really been there (maybe it’s terrible; apparently it smells), but that’s really what drives my fascination: the unknown.  The fact, though, that it is so unknown to us, is one that I hope continues to urge us to change the facts – to inspire us to learn more and explore and dream, think, look and reach beyond the Earth.  Our space exploration program has done remarkable things, but there’s so much left for it to accomplish that unless we keep the rocket engines hot, the constant tug of Earth’s psychological gravity will keep us grounded.  Grounded and downward-looking is exactly what today’s project wants for humanity not to be, and is trying to inspire people to look up and appreciate what’s in store for us beyond the sky.

Fight for Space is a documentary of the legacy and the future of the U.S. space program.  Looking at what we’ve accomplished, what we have left to accomplish, and what obstacles we face in our continued mission to fulfill an innate and inextinguishable curiosity, the film seeks to reveal the significance of what might seem to some like an extravagant or even irrelevant pursuit of non-Earthly affairs.

The fact is, the United States as a nation has lost our edge in space, not just as a leader but even as a participant. We want to know the real reasons behind why we are in this scientific slump and what we can do about it. We are asking hard questions to the people that know what is going on and we will not stop until we receive real answers and real solutions to these problems. We are also speaking with everyday citizens off the street, so we can discover how the American public feels about space exploration. In our democracy, all voices must be heard.

With our off-planet future hanging in the balance, our curiosity, attention and appreciation for exploration has never been more important.  Join the exploration and the fight for space by backing this project on Kickstarter before August 19.


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