Day 228: Glitter, Gold

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August 15, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I really am a sucker for a documentaries.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for good stories – for true stories about real people.  There’s an undeniable dimension of realism that is unique to documentaries – that distinguishes a documentary from “reality” TV (which I tend to look down upon, even sometimes unfairly).  There are remarkable people out there, not even so far away, living in our world but experiencing it in ways we can’t or just don’t take the time to imagine.  A little perspective can go a long way, when properly applied – it allows us to reassess our values and maybe find more value in things we would have otherwise passed by.

Fame High is a look inside the lives of aspiring stars.  People who want to be known, and are working hard, every day to make themselves worth knowing.  Household names are rarely ever born with their names in lights – every bulb takes dedication, training, talent and even sheer luck to light up.  One high school in L.A. is shaping the billboards and headlines (hopefully not of tabloids) of tomorrow.

In FAME HIGH we follow a group of novice freshman and seasoned seniors struggling to find their voice – not only in their art but in life – with the help of, and sometimes in spite of, their passionate and opinionated families. Each student has sacrificed countless hours to become artistically good… but will they become excellent and be satisfied both personally and professionally?

The fresh blood that courses through this high school will one day spill into theaters and living rooms, through TVs, radios and the occasional magazine.  These people are worth getting to know, not merely for their skills as artists, actors and musicians, but for their struggles as students and aspirers.  They’ve got big dreams, and you can see them for yourself by backing “Fame High” on Kickstarter before August 18.


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