Day 227: Movies of Meaning

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August 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

The power of good conversations still amazes me.  It’s a half-dangerous thing, really, when you get so involved into a conversation so deep, so fascinating, so dynamic and constantly-evolving, constantly provoking, self-perpetuating that it can actually keep you up all night or from going back to work.  Those conversations, though, are the spice of life – of curiosity and creativity and inspiration.  They bring new meaning to our lives, and inspire new meaning in others, and branch outward and upward into even more meaning.  These thoughts, too, could go on for hours, but before I let myself drag you into it, I want to direct your attention first to a project that I hope will help us explore our reasons more thoughtfully.

Reason is a short, narrative film following the journeys of people looking for meaning, connection and answers to questions that are too big to be brushed off, but indeed so big that one bears the threat of losing one’s self inside them when left to ponder them alone for too long.

“Reason” is an expression of my belief that the way for humans to discover true connection, understanding and reason for being is not through our thoughts, but rather by embracing our animal selves.

Is to be human more than to be an animal?  Are our animal selves all that we are?  As a geneticist and someone fascinated by evolutionary biology (both genetic and memetic – biological and cultural), it’s something I’ve pondered a lot, and something I’ve found no satisfactory answer to just yet.  Perhaps the magic is in the lack of clear answers – perhaps the quest alone is enough to distinguish us as a species, and give us an extra dimension of meaning beyond our innate genetic mandate.  Help explore this reason – this quest for reason – by backing this project before August 17.


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