Day 223: The Funny Farm

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August 10, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Oh man, I just realized that now that I live in a city again, I’m destined to run into farmers’ markets on weekends.  Oh, did you not know I was a huge nerd for farmers’ markets?  Well, frankly, if you don’t like farmers’ markets, I’m really not sure that we would get along. Don’t be surprised to get at least a brief report tomorrow of the farmers’ market taking place right around the corner from my new house.  Good times and great food will be had by all.

One of my favorite things about the market is the people.  First, there are the farmers and vendors – the people who bring the humanity back to our food.  They’re great and definitely worth getting to know (especially when you get friendly enough for discounts on peppers, or first dibs on the best eggs from this week’s batch).  On the other side of the vegetable stand, however, are your neighbors and fellow fresh food-lovers.  These people are around you more than once a week – they might be next door right now, making kale chips or sprouting garlic without you even knowing it.  They’re eccentric, they’re entertaining, they’re even a little enlightened – or at least enligtening.  Today’s project is about these people.

Locally Grown ( is a comedy web series that celebrates quirky characters and their entertaining situations at a local farmers market. Think a mix between PortlandiaModern Family and Arrested Development set in a fictional northwest market.

The people-watching is almost as good as the pepper-picking.  Veggie-loving*, farmer fans*, hemp-wearers, hemp-eaters, hemp-growers, Vibram-wearing*, reusable bag-toting*, recycling*, Kombucha-drinking*, vegetable-fermenting*, seed-sprouting*, health-conscious*, tree-hugging*…people like you and me and yet totally unique in their own ways – get to know them, if only for your weekly jaunts to the market stands, because they’ll spice up your life almost as much as the food will.  I can appreciate the lighter side of the people that inhabit the world around me – the unusual ones in particular, and this series is putting the spotlight on the unusual and sometimes peculiar characters around the corner.  Back it before you head out with your cloth shopping bag tomorrow morning.



*Guilty as charged.


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