Day 221: Cinema Cycles

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August 8, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve spent the past few days enjoying my hot new set of wheels.  It’s amazing how a new bike can revive one’s love for pedaling around…not that my affection for the cycle had waned.  Ever since learning to ride, which was all of approximately one year ago, I’ve been hitting the streets, sidewalks and the occasional trail, enjoying just how much faster and farther I can go on wheels.  Maybe one day I’ll get the same feeling when I buy a car, but until I can justify the expense of insurance, maintenance and of course fuel, my bike and I are really going places.  Now, with today’s project, we can go to the movies.

Bike-In-Theater is proof of a trend I’ve been happy to observe over the past year (which has probably been going on for longer than I’ve been taking note of it): the world is becoming more bike-friendly.  Maybe it’s fuel prices, maybe it’s environmental consciousness, maybe even health consciousness, but more people are getting back on their bikes, and I for one am pleased about it.  A bigger biking population means a bigger biking market – more things and more places will continue to be bike-friendly, bike-ready or generally bike-able.  This project wants to bring the classic drive-in movie experience back to life in a modern, bike-riding age.

[A] summer pop-up movie event, where we project a well-known film onto a building, warehouse, mountain or vehicle and pair it with amazing food vendors, bike parking and a giant lot to lounge out in and watch the film with friends.

One of the most universally-loved features of bicycling is the freedom.  Freedom from a biological, bipedal speed limit, freedom from fuel, even freedom from roads.  It’s in that sense of freedom and free-play that this free film series is pedaling from coast to coast.  It might be headed to a bike-friendly spot in your town, but only if you help it along by backing it on Kickstarter before tomorrow, August 9.


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