Day 219: Writing Home

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August 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I imagine myself one day being a remnant of an ancient generation who still reads printed books.  The world of publishing is changing rapidly, and for the most part, I believe that’s for the better.  We’re seeing more content from independent authors, more stories in less time with less waste and fewer middlemen.  As copyrights lose their importance in favor of generating the best possible content, it’s easy to look at the literary industrial complex with contempt and to propose a total overhaul that would put the publishing agents up against the firing squad.  But a world with fewer middlemen is not a world without middlemen – some people to make things happen – to specialize, and to live as symbionts with creators, rather than as the parasites they’re too often characterized as.  Yes, I’m speaking now in favor of keeping middlemen around.  Try not to faint.

Publishers and publicists do things that authors cannot do on their own.  They don’t create content, but they package and distribute it, which at the end of the day is what makes any content meaningful.

Today’s project, just a few miles from my hometown in Michigan, is helping authors turn their stories, ideas and dreams into books (and e-books) that can make their way into millions of homes.

Scribe Publishing Company is still in its first few chapters.  An independent publishing house opened last year, Scribe is now publishing two new books and expanding its workforce (that means jobs, America) with Kickstarter’s help.

We’re very excited to introduce the launch of our first collection of books, due out this fall, which will include a middle grade novel called “Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool” and a suspense novel called “Unreliable.”

Two new books, hot off the minds of the authors and into your hands, thanks to the aid of Scribe’s dedicated team of illustrators, proofers and publicists.  Authors should be free to focus on authoring – on perfecting their vision and getting the story right.  Let Scribe do the rest.  Back this project before August 11.


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