Day 218: A Place to Grow

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August 5, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

As I was driving through some incredible country on my way to Boston (the the rolling, forested hills of upper Pennsylvania and New York state really are breathtaking), I wondered what life out there would be like.  I wondered anyone in one of those neighborless homes out in the middle of the landscape did all day.  Did they have jobs?  Where?  I supposed that with the internet (provided internet access is actually available there), a lot of people could work productively without ever crossing the front door.  In that way, the notion of living in such relative isolation has some appeal.  But there’s more to work than physically where you do it.  An environment comprises more than a plot of ground – the ecosystem matters, whether you’re a plant, a wasp, a shrew or a man on a mission.  What and who surrounds you has a tremendous impact on everything from the way you speak and act to the way you think and imagine and create.

I aim to create.  Not just for myself, but for anyone who might benefit from my creation, I aspire to develop things the world’s not seen before.  My thinking, my ideating, my creating is all shaped by where I am and who I’m with, and knowing that brought me 900 east to surround myself with the best people I could.  Ecosystems of creativity and productivity are a scarce natural resource, endangered by the rampant spread of comfort, contentment and mediocrity.  They’re beautiful and fragile landscapes that arise from the passion, inspiration, excitement, determination, tenacity and imagination of people willing to tend the fields of innovation.  Today’s project is about just such a ground, out to make fertile ground.

Seed Spot is a documentary following a business incubator in Phoenix, AZ.  Planted in once-fertile creative soil, Seed Spot aims to sprout and nurture ventures made to improve their city, their country, their world and the people in it.

Entrepreneurs selected for the 18-week program are surrounded by local innovators, mentors, corporate partners, and service providers. Our goal is to select a handful of these entrepreneurs and follow their story as they grow their companies. SEED SPOT entrepreneurs will have experiences along their journey that other aspiring dreamers can learn from in a documentary film.

Another thing I admire about Seed Spot is that the incubator itself is meant to grow like kudzu – spreading like wildfire anywhere it can get a hold on people with ideas and the passion to plant them.  It’s a weed of innovation – one that turns dry earth into farmland for visionaries and entrepreneurs – the farmers of great new things, feeding the world.

There’s an epidemic of hunger that humanity suffers from.  It’s a curious hunger that seems to only grow stronger as we feed it.  It’s a hunger I hope never goes away.  That hunger demands more farmers – more doers and makers, movers and shakers – to plant and harvest the ideas that keep that make the world a better place.  Learn more about these growers and the land they tend (and tends them) by backing this film on Kickstarter before August 9.


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