Day 216: Looking Up

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August 3, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

On the road again. This time, I actually am on the road. After much packing throughout the past few days, I’ve left home and am enroute to my new home in Boston. I’m afraid that I’m not in a particularly good position to give the appropriate praise to a project I think deserves a lot of it, but have a look at Bicycle Astronomy’s Kickstarter page and I think you’ll understand what’s got me so in love. (Spoiler alert – It combines two things I love: bicycling and star-gazing.)

Most people who observe the universe through a telescope come away with a profound appreciation for both the vastness of the universe and the smallness and precious rarity of our own planet. I want to inspire people to think creatively about sustainability, but also concretely. This is the role of the cargo bicycle in the project. In other words, the premise—and promise—of Bicycle Astronomy is to both inspire and ground that inspiration with an example of tangible action.

I don’t spend nearly enough time looking up. Strolling through the solar system on my computer is undeniably fun, but there’s something uniquely magical about stepping out on a clear night and catching a glimpse of something bigger than you can imagine. The universe demands to be explored. Humans demand to know more. We owe it to ourselves to spend more time amongst the stars, and this project is an awesome way to start. Back it on Kickstarter before August 4.


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