Day 212: Technodrama

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July 30, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

A good story is worth a lot, whether it’s true or not.  Actually, the best stories, I find, are either close to true, or true enough to be believed.  That plausibility, even if remote, even if it pulls and tugs at your imagination and demands the suspension of your disbelief, makes us – the readers and watchers and witnesses of alternate realities – able to see reflections of truth in fantasy.  Authors use lies to tell the truth, after all, and today’s story will have you looking for truth in two worlds: one between the pages and one beyond them.  This, like any good novel, will have you inhabiting both.

These Days is a class “boy meets girl” tale with a techno twist that evokes a contemplation of the human side of our machine-driven world.  Boy meets girl; boy falls for girl; girl forces boy to question what he knows – or thinks he knows – about the world around him and about himself.  Luddite lovers and technopreneurs – I’m already curious about how this is all going to come together, and what questions will be asked (of the characters and of myself) along the way.

These Days is about Connor Vast, a guy who designs fake computer interfaces for plastic prop displays in furniture showrooms. He meets a girl who doesn’t own a cellphone and is as disconnected as he is connected. As their relationship develops, he falls in with a group of entrepreneurs out to invent the future, but it’s the same future she’s rebelling against. It’s a story about the human side of technology—the people who make it, the reasons they build, and the people on the other end.

My “To-Read” list is growing faster than I can keep pace.  With so much going on in my life, it’s easy to find an excuse not to read, even when the book beside me is fascinating, enriching, inspiring, exciting and enlightening.  Reading takes time, but gives so much in return.  Find an excuse to drop everything and read for a while after backing this project before the Kickstarter campaign ends today at 11:53 AM.


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