Day 211: What Are You Waiting For?

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July 29, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

L-L-L-Last Second Sunday!

With less than 2 hours remaining, there isn’t much time left to get in your pledge for this project.  Let me save you some time in your decision-making by telling you: today’s project is an amazing look inside an issue that effects all of us, rich or poor, sick or healthy, insured or uninsured…

The Waiting Room is a documentary exploring the symptoms of our healthcare system by spending time in the waiting room of hospital emergency rooms across America.  Getting to know the patients, doctors, nurses, the families and friends, the film’s creators are learning about what’s at stake when we talk about healthcare by examining what’s really going on.  Real people – real patients, real doctors, real problems – life, death and taxes are on the line, but somehow the human element has still been easy to overlook on the national campaign stage.  Not anymore.

From the very beginning, this project has been about giving a voice to the millions of people that lack health care insurance. But it is also very personal for me. The Waiting Room developed from stories my wife, a speech pathologist at Highland Hospital, told me about the struggles and resilience of her patient population. And a few years ago, as the contentious vote for health care reform got louder, it occurred to me that the people who were not participating in the debate were the very people we were fighting over: those stuck in waiting rooms at underfunded public hospitals all over the country.

Watch the trailerhear the storiesjoin the conversations and back this project, STAT!


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