Day 206: Someday

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July 24, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’m back in Boston for the week, and what a busy week it’s going to be.  (That’s a good thing.)  I’m here until Friday, and with so much on my agenda, the temptation to feel overwhelmed and end up hurrying and scurrying around in an effort not to “waste time” on anything is powerful.

I don’t think, though, that the hurry and scurry are all that productive, and whatever minuscule savings in time they deliver, they more than deplete in the experience of appreciating life in real-time.  Time doesn’t stand still, but it also doesn’t move any faster just because you’re determined not to “waste” it.  (Those of you moving at relativistic speeds will forgive my generalization, I hope.)  The rush is internal.  While you rush and hustle along through your chores, the world turns as its usual pace, and you run the risk of letting a lot of it slip below your radar.

For me, it’s sometimes (like now, for instance) tempting to reallocate my attention and my time by looking at the long list of things to do, and want to get started checking them off right away.  It’s in times like that (or this) that I try to remind myself: Slow down.  If you’re going to start checking things off, you’d better make sure they’ve earned every check mark.  Do it right.  Take the time.  There’s more where that came from.  More time.  That’s what everyone claims they need, but how hard are they looking?  I find it in unexpected places, and I’m proud to only rarely misuse it (and even then, the occasional extra episode of Star Trek instead of an hour of practicing German or Chinese is forgivable).  It’s not often that I rush through these Kick-Off entries, and when I do, I try to excuse my haste by complaining about how little time I have.  That’s a lame excuse, even when true.  I find that when I do sit down and fulfill the commitment I made for 2012 – to find and support amazing, inspiring, beautiful, unique and nifty projects being brought to life around me with the help of thousands of people worldwide – I’m rewarded with a sense of accomplishment that empowers everything else I do that day; almost as though by spending more time on the little things, the big things seem to take less than they previously demanded.  Time is funny like that.

Today’s project is about playing around with time.

Actually, Katheryn the Crononaut is about a lot more than time travel.  It’s about the imagination and ingenuity of a child, even in the face of stubborn, naysaying people who claim to know better.  In a world where imagination seems risky (a world not so very unlike our own), Katheryn dares to demonstrate the power of bold dreams.

Kathryn the Crononaut is a all-ages novella (short novel) that seeks to introduce kids to advanced scientific theories in a fun, entertaining manner. Kathryn O’Riley is a smart, idealistic sixth-grader who decides to use her science fair project to declare that she will dedicate her life to someday creating time travel. She announces to the world that her future self will arrive the day of the fair to demonstrate the scientific breakthrough she will eventually make. Can one science fair change the world, especially if “Future Kathryn” doesn’t show up?

Get kids thinking about science and believing that anything is possible?  Does that sound like a waste of time?  Not to me.  If you agree, I hope you’ll join me in pre-ordering a copy of Katheryn the Crononaut on Kickstarter before time runs out on July 29.

(PS – I love the term “crononaut”.)



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