Day 200: All Thumbs

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July 18, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Last minute.  Quick post.  No time to waste.  Must organize thoughts succinctly.  Let’s see if you can put the pieces together.  Ready?  Go.

Disruptive technology.  Good.  Punctuated equilibrium.  Progress.  Shaking things up, making things better than before.  All good.  (Except for buggy-whip makers, I guess.)  Innovation sparks innovation; ideas build on ideas build on…etc.  Today’s project deserves a better introduction than that, but it’s actually cool enough to speak for itself.

Ringbow is the world’s first wearable accessory for touch devices that provides the functionalities of a mouse, keyboard and joystick simultaneously with your touch. Ringbow transforms touch screen gaming, allows remote control of your operating system, applications, music apps and presentation tools, allows you to operate and answer your phone remotely and turns your device into a multi-user or multi-player platform.

Obviously, the applications in gaming are cool, but I think there’s a huge potential for this kind of interface outside of pure fun.  Think about the Kinect.  What was originally framed as a tool for gaming evolved into a bottomless pit of creative ways to interact with computers, and ultimately with everything and everyone else accessible through computers.  It’s going to change things, and I look forward to seeing quite how.  You can order one (or two) through Kickstarter, and join me in welcoming a new chapter in technological interfacing and integration by backing the project before July 22.


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