Day 193: Nom, Nom, Nom

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July 11, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

You know by now how much I love food…but how long has it been since The Kick-Off has turned its attention to something delicious?  More than a week?  Too long.  Man cannot live on art, technology, film, literature and hardware alone.

Anyway, yes, I love food.  Learning to cook changed my life.  It’s like learning to read – you’re able to understand an alphabet, making sense of out the letters made into words, into sentences, into paragraphs, used to render the essence of a thing or place or idea.  Learning to read opens doors to the minds of others, and through writing, invites others into yours.  The beauty of any language its ability to take ideas and give them a form able to be communicated to others, and that ability to control meaning is the avenue to creative exploration and boundary-pushing.

Cooking, too, is a language.  I fear, in fact, that it’s a dying language.  It’s one that too few people are learning to speak any longer.

Make no mistake, I want you to cook.  Today’s project is here to help.

The Nomiku is going to turn you into a master chef.  Almost.  At the very least, you’ll be effortlessly performing a cooking technique so far reserved for the culinary elite (and the snobbish).  Sous vide is a method of cooking that requires more than your average pot of boiling water.  Until now, the method called for intricate machines costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to vacuum-seal, boil, circulate, monitor and stabilize temperature….wait a second, all of those things sound relatively basic…why hasn’t somebody come up with a good way to bring all those basics together in a neat, affordable package?  Hello, Nomiku.

Our goal is to create the best immersion circulator for home cooks so everyone can have sous vide in their kitchen arsenal. Eating and sharing perfect food shouldn’t be out of your reach.

It takes a lot for me to part ways with $299, but for a piece of technology this innovative, this functional and this practical, not to mention what a deal it is relative to devices that it outperforms, I’m tempted.  If your mouth isn’t watering, you must just not know what you’re missing.

Cookingis for everyone, and now sous vide is too.  Nomiku is an impressive innovation from an inspired group of foodies and makers who want to put the power to prepare delicious, healthy food at home, anytime, easily and in style.  Back Nomiku on Kickstarter before July 18 and let your impressed friends just try and guess how much you spent on cooking lessons and kitchen equipment.  They won’t even come close.


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