Day 186: Dressed for a Quest

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July 4, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

First off, happy birthday, America.  236 years young and still finding ways to party like it’s 1776.  You’ve done a lot of growing up; made some mistakes, gone though rough times and done some things you might regret, but you’ve also shown amazing resolve.  You’ve learned some hard lessons, and been a teacher to millions of others around the world.  You’ve accomplished what seemed impossible to everyone.  You’ve dreamed and dared and done.  May you always stay true to that mission of progress – of line-crossing and boundary-pushing.  May your ambitions exceed your credentials.  May your passion continue to lead you forward, and may your mistakes be identifiable, fixable, memorable and instructive.  Remember what’s important and what’s good.  Remember that no matter what, you can find a way.

A lot of credit for today’s project is due to an ambition to do and be more – to jump higher, run faster, reach farther – a spirit that I like to think is rather American (though not by any means uniquely so).  It’s a spirit I think every human being has, but one that, thanks in large part to this country and its legacy of embracing it, makes everyone who lives by that spirit a little bit American, in the best possible sense.  So whether you’re Algerian or hail from Zaire, if you carry dreams in your head, passion in your stomach and tools in your hand, you are a welcome citizen in my world, and it’s an honor to call you my countryman, no matter your country.

Today’s project isn’t focused on nationalism, or nations at all.  With a noble vision for casting aside borders of all kinds, Final Frontier Design is building tools by which all of humanity can reach for the stars, and perhaps someday meet them in person.  The 3G space suit is being engineered to meet the needs of an ambitious species of bipedal primates with a hunger for exploration that’s impeded by a frame too fragile to leave their home behind without proper attire.

The future commercial space industry (SpaceX, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, Virgin, Armadillo, XCOR, etc) will need these suits for the basic safety of manned flights.  Current NASA suits cost well into the millions, while our 3G is intended to retail for a small fraction of this.

Space, after all, is one of those fickle places with an unwritten code of conduct: no shirt, no shoes, no service.  The clothes make the mission…or at least make it possible, so don’t leave Earth in the nude.

I like this project because of the possibilities it opens up.  It’s extending the reach of humanity as a whole, not through some exclusive sect or institution.  When we reach beyond our home world, I like to believe that some of the best of us will be out there to represent ours as a people of ambition, determination and integrity.  So join me for an episode or two of Star Trek (for ageless, space-age moral guidance) after supporting Final Frontier Design’s 3G Space Suit before July 15.


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