Day 185: Revolutionary Learning

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July 3, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

When people talk about lifelong learning, they’re usually talking about everything that comes after college.  I suppose, after all, that’s where the bulk of one’s life is – in the 70+ years after graduating – where life itself has more to teach you than you could ever fit onto a degree – but what about those precious few years on the other end of the lifeline?  The years when your brain is at its most sponge-like – rapidly absorbing the world and preparing you to become someone with both the curiosity to question and the capacity to seek answers?  Those formative years when learning to stand, walk, talk, say “please” and “thank you”, share, sing, dance, read, write and count?  Those life-changing moments  – life-changing lessons and revelations – are more densely crammed into the first few years of your life than perhaps your last few decades.  Today’s project knows the importance of those years in shaping what kind of person, what kind of learner you’ll be, and is looking to help a new generation make the most of them.

More Than Gears is a toy that’s revolutionizing the way kids learn and play, and play to learn.  A simple set of gears with as many lessons as teeth, it’s a way to engage all the fun-loving curiosity of kids.

More Than GearsThis is a fun and unique educational toy with a ton of features excellent for children. It is precision machined for high quality and beautifully finished with paints made of recycled whey in the US. Developed for kids at age 4+, it can help children build a strong math foundation at an early age.

How curious, ambitious, determined, patient and innovative we are as adults is inexorably tied to what kind of kids we were.  All kids are curious, but how many games and activities are designed now to engage that curiosity?  To grow it?  To keep it alive into adulthood?  Too few, I think (I fear).  So I know it’s a longshot, with little chance of making it across the finish line this time around, but I hope you’ll help me in supporting More Than Gears on Kickstarter before July 12, and do what you can to help the first years of kids’ lives to be the foundation and the framework for long and curious lifetimes.


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