Day 183: Three Course Discourse

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July 1, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Good conversation is a delicacy.   It might be spicy, sweet or subtle, bold or boisterous, hot and fresh and rich with sensation; you just want it to last forever – drawing out every flavor, savoring every new taste, prolonging the experience, the feelings, the ideas.  Going without engaging conversation for too long is like starving, but unfortunately, we have less over biological cues to remind us of how hungry our brains are.  Today’s project, though, might make your brain rumble in anticipation of a gourmet brain food banquet of global proportions.

The Feast is a conference assembling entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, doers, game-makers and game-changers that for the past four years has been an all-you-can-eat buffet of new ideas.  This year, the menu is getting bigger, thanks to Kickstarter, and it’s now being served on your table.  I hope you’re hungry.

The goal is simple: break bread and by the end of dinner, collectively decide on one thing you all can collaborate on to improve the world (whether it’s renovating the park or supporting an effort to redefine an industry!)

A savory symposium in your home (or local restaurant, if you’re not the cooking sort), to create and share and and sketch the blueprints of an amazing future on tomato-stained napkins.  The ideas you and your friends hatch at the dinner table will join the thousands of others from around the world on The Feast’s central hub to be savored by all.  Go ahead and indulge – intellectual gluttony is not a mortal sin, and a diet of mental junk food starts to take its toll after too many episodes of Bride Wars, so now, as we’re officially halfway through the year, make your Mid-Year Resolution to shape up your mental diet.  October is when this feast kicks off again on tables around the globe, but you can start now by backing The Feast Conference 2012 on Kickstarter before July 6.


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