Day 181: Harvest Hustle

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June 29, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Get ready, I’m about to reflect a little more on Detroit.  You ought to be used to that by now, I suppose.  What can I say, I guess I’m a sucker for projects close to home.  In truth, though, Detroit isn’t just interesting because it’s nearby – there really is a lot going on there worth paying attention to, no matter where you live or what condition your city’s in.  It’s a city that’s been through hell, and that’s still fighting its way out.  That fight is something to behold, though – it’s a rare thing, and a thing to watch and take note of.  For better or worse, and I like to lean on the cautiously optimistic side of everything, Detroit’s changing.  Today’s project wants that change to be wholly for the better, and it wants you on board.

The Detroit Youth Food Brigade is a band of rag-tag, high school hustlers, slinging veg in the heart of the city.  With connections to local food businesses, markets and high schoolers, the Brigade employs student who earn their wages while getting real-world training to the business of real food.

Students gain hands-on skills and expertise in entrepreneurship and business management, marketing and sales, cooking and nutrition, sourcing, and logistics. Local food businesses gain additional product outlets, a brand boost, and valuable staff support. Neighborhood markets gain increased support and product diversity, greater economic impact, and improved food security in their surrounding areas.

In Detroit, it seems as though the real food business is blooming.  So much so that the Brigade is turning to Kickstarter in hopes of upping their operation to meet the street’s demand for fresh veg.  Back The Detroit Youth Food Brigade in the next 3 days (before July 2) to help turn this city turn a little lighter and a lot greener.


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