Day 176: Going Boldly

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June 24, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Captain’s log:
Earth date: June 24, 2012

After being told a thousand times how remarkable the Star Trek: The Next Generations series was, I have finally given heed to the recommendations.  First impressions: a little hokey and not very subtle, but I do dig a good sci-fi morality play.  The investigation will continue as planned, principally on the basis of my interest in human space travel.  It’s my belief that humanity must one day break free from Earth – to expand and explore and discover what lies beyond the sky.  Chalk it up to human instinct, but there’s something unnaturally confining about being bound to a single planet.  As a civilization, and to a greater degree as a species, ee have only recently begun to think seriously about space and our place in it, and in fact we seem stalled in our morale to approach it.  Today’s project – today’s mission – is one ambitious step in the direction of the stars.

Lunar Aid 1985 wants to go back to the moon.  To take it over.  As their own.  But you’re welcome to move in…unless your name is George.  Before I let this get any more confusing, I really ought to let the future Super Presidents of The Moon explain their glorious plans:

Our big dream is to redefine the genre of space folk music. We want to be the John Denver of space folk! To make our music as authentic as possible, first, we must venture into space. Could Muddy Waters have written what he wrote without the Delta? Could Bob Dylan have written what he wrote without hopping trains?

Since NASA seems fit to let the moon linger beyond our reach, it’s of great relief to me that somebody is taking action to establish mankind’s presence in space.  So grab your space suit and take a small step forward by pledging to Lunar Aid 1985 before the moon base fills up on July 1.


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