Day 175: Raw Material


June 23, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I might have mentioned before how much I like real food.  It’s a big part of my life – probably yours too – and so I think it’s worth paying attention to what you put in your mouth.  I’ve heard every excuse and made up a few of my own to try and pardon poor eating habits.  Most people (myself included) are surprised to find what epicurian delicacies await beyond assumptions about “healthy” food.  Too expensive?  Too time- or labor-intensive?  Too bland?  Leave your assumptions outside of the kitchen and join today’s project on a quest to kick them out of your house forever.  Let somebody hold on to your doubt – maybe it’ll help them somehow.

Try It Raw is a restaurant-to-be, serving my very own neighborhood, Birmingham, Michigan, some of the best stuff on Earth: real, raw, delicious, food.  Based on the notion that busy people need real food too, Try It Raw wants to open itself to a neighborhood currently without a taste for raw or vegetarian cuisine.  Take it from me, a non-vegetarian, even if you don’t eschew meat or animal products of any kind, getting a little more raw in your diet will bring you a surprising satisfaction.  Now all you need is a restaurant to prove it.

We want to provide services to the community in the following ways:

1.  Making healthy raw foods that heal and energize as opposed to make you feel old and tired.

2.  Educate our customers and introduce a better a way of eating.

3.  Provide foods for those healing themselves from serious health conditions.

Minimizing the steps between the farm and the fork has a thousand-and-one advantages, and with a restaurant like Try It Raw around the corner, even the most unbelieving of eaters can take the raw life for a test drive – a little try before you buy into it in terms of something different on your dinner table.  The project has a long way to go before it can open its cooking-free kitchen, and they need every morsel of support we can provide, so I hope you’ll consider pushing them past their funding goal before time runs out on June 30.


One thought on “Day 175: Raw Material

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