Day 166: The Fruits of Local Labor

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June 14, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It’s no secret that I think urban gardens are neat.  “Neat” might even fall short – I think they’re more than merely interesting and fun; I think they’re innovative, practical and important.  Farms are still new additions to most cities, and more seem to be sprouting up all the time, like wonderful little weeds of locally-grown, whole and healthful food.  Today’s project is setting up an infrastructure to help give these urban seedlings the sunlight they need to bloom and bear fruit.

Every Last Morsel wants to help you get to know your local farmers, and help your local farmers feed you.  They’re building an interactive platform to search for nearby farms and gardens where you can browse and search for what’s in season and being grown around the block.

An application that would allow him to map garden locations and list the plant varieties growing in each… as an open network for everyone – green thumbs and foodies alike – because the fun in growing food is sharing it after all.

Home-grown grocery shopping may not be a part of everyone’s future, but with a program like this, the future will be full of neighbors feeding neighbors.  Knowing whose got the freshest of what growing down the block will help turn neighbors into grocers, and who knows, maybe having the power to post sales and bring in hungry locals will help turn the whole neighborhood a little greener with more farms than ever before.  Help unite foodies to the farms nearby by backing Every Last Morsel on Kickstarter before June 15.


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