Day 164: Madness, Magic and the Movies

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June 12, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I wish I could say that my appreciation for film went beyond merely watching it.  I might be able to tell you that I liked or disliked a certain movie, but it’s often difficult for me to explain quite why I liked or disliked it.  There’s a lot I frankly just don’t know about movies and how they’re made, so I feel as though my ability to pass judgment on any given film is somewhat hindered by my singular perspective as an observer.  I admire people who know the secrets behind the movie magic – who can grasp the depth of the effort and passion that went into a film, and appreciate and assess it on a level beyond that which the common moviegoer might see.  I think knowing more about what goes on behind the scenes augments the experience of enjoying film, especially when the film is exceptional, unusual and unique.  These films evoke curiosity and fascination through their extraordinary styles – they beg to be questioned and investigated and understood.  Today’s project is one such remarkable film, and will have you in wonder from titles to credits.

MAD GOD is a short film that’s been more than
two decades in the making.  Beginning during the 90’s in Phil Trippett’s innovative stop-motion movie studio, the film laid dormant for years until being picked back up again by an army of dedicated, creative fans and producers to reanimate, update and expand the original work.  Now, this very outside-the-box film is coming back to life with a little help from you and I.

Directed by legendary visual effects and stop-motion craftsman Phil Tippett, the sets, creatures, effects and spirit are, in every way, independent and created from the heart.  Sometimes that heart is bursting with love for the craft, while other times it’s punctured and bleeding all over the place… 24 frames per second.

Employing every technique in the book, as well as writing a few new chapters of its own, MAD GOD‘s production crew is pushing the cinematic envelope in every way they can, and loving it.  For some, it’s a refreshing journey back to the heart of film production, where one spends less time typing over a computer and more time tinkering over props; for others, it’s a project that they liken more to performance art than film; for everyone, though, it’s a beautiful and innovative project that they’re pouring their whole selves into.  I think that passion will show, no matter what your level of cinematic savvy.  Help bring MAD GOD out of the shadows and the whole movie-making world out of the box by ordering a copy for yourself on Kickstarter before June 16.


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