Day 163: Bad Reputation

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June 11, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve been reminded recently about how tough growing up can be.  I’m the proud older brother of two sisters, both of whom are still living their way through grade school (one is halfway through high school, the other has another year of middle school to go), neither of whom has reported it being an easy ride.  I was lucky in many ways when I was growing up (not that I don’t consider myself to still be lucky now, and not that I’m not still growing up either), but I can’t say I struggled much with social pressure, frenemies, awkward dancing or feeling pushed, pulled or crushed in any particular direction.  That said, as a high schooler, I coasted.  Nothing in particular excited me, and I look back wishing I had stepped out of the comfortable little niche of apathy I’d constructed for myself – too much of my time was spent thinking about what I could do, who I could become, how far I could go, but I never bothered with the doing, becoming or going much of anywhere.  I couldn’t really tell you why – I just don’t remember what motivated my lack of motivation, but it’s something I’m glad to have overcome, and with the hindsight that that hard-learned lesson has given me, it’s my hope to pass along the message to anyone and everyone who thinks watching and waiting is the only option if you’re under 18.  Today’s project knows a thing or two about going for it, and is telling a brilliant story about the it of a kid who’s facing almost all of what a high school counselor might warn you about.

Fat Kid Rules the World is a story about a high school outcast in the midst of, well, life as a high school outcast.  Cast-out, troubled, challenged but determined to make the best of it, Troy Billings finds salvation and spirit in a very classic way: punk f*cking rock.

Mainstream Hollywood doesn’t know how to make money on a movie like this, they don’t believe that there is an audience, and we mean to prove them wrong.  Maybe they’re scared.  Maybe they’re just too accustomed to making movies for Biff and Buffy and all the kids who want to be like them. This is NOT that movie.  This is a movie for the people who don’t fit into a pretty little box.  We plan to bring FAT KID to a theater near you and show the world that you don’t have to make movies about the “perfect people” to find box office success.

Actor Matthew Lillard picked up this project after signing up to record the audiobook version of the novel it’s based on, ultimately falling so in love with the story that he determined that it must be brought to the big screen.  The film has already been made, and the reception from the limited audience has apparently been so positive that the Fat Kid team is now hoping to open the film for the world to see.  So I hope you’ll join me in getting a big kid with a big story onto the big screen to make a big impression on kids, big or little.  Help push this film into the endzone before this Saturday, June 16.


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