Day 156: Plugged In

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June 4, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Wow, coming in at the last second today.  I found a project definitely worthy of more attention and praise than I can give it at the moment.  I’ll be brief for the sake of time, but I’m genuinely interested in diving into this project a bit further.

Empires is a documentary exploring the way networks have impacted us – reshaping culture, politics, religion, families, entertainment, food, business, education…the list could go on, and I’m certain that it will.

Empires is a feature length documentary film and new media project which explores the impact of networks on histories and philosophies of political thought. We have spent the last year interviewing an extraordinary array of leading international thinkers on the ideas, philosophies and technologies including social and capital movements that are shaping our sciences and social structures, in our networked world.

You’re already part of the networked world.  Now go find out more about quite what that means for you and everyone you’re connected to (which includes me!) by backing EmpiresThe Film on Kickstarter before June 7.

Phew.  With moments to spare, The Kick-Off continues its streak.


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