Day 154: Giving Up Gravity

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June 2, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Busy day.  Lots to do.  Not much time to reflect on how awesome I think today’s project is.  Luckily, it’s already over its funding goal with time to spare, so I don’t feel as though my endorsement is critical to its success (not that it ever is, but I like to give a thorough voice of support to projects that I think deserve it).  Today’s project definitely deserves it, because it’s taking the future by the horns and doing what most people have only hoped and wished for for…centuries?  Millennia?  Ever since man has looked up at the sky with dreams of taking flight.  Today’s project isn’t just dreaming.

The Synergy Aircraft Project is developing a personal flying machine built for you, me and a whole future in the sky.

This project is about demonstrating a phenomenal new way to tackle the whole problem. If airplanes are to re-connect with their potential customers- or their potential to society- they desperately need an update.  Almost everything else in modern life has developed well beyond the elite-yet-obsolete standard of personal air travel.

Synergy is jam-packed with innovations and breakthroughs and is paving the way for an airborne world that exists outside of daydreams and sci-fi.  I’m for that, and I hope you’ll join me before June 4 in giving this project wings.


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