Day 148: Stardust

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May 27, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Not much time to do an extensive write-up today.  I’m on my way down to the Movement electronic music festival in Detroit (known to everyone who’s been going year after year as “DEMF”).  More on that later, probably.  Luckily, today’s project is so gorgeous that it’d be nearly impossible to put into words anyway, so I don’t have to bother trying very hard.  Today’s project, though, is gorgeous, and gorgeous in multiple dimensions.  Not only is the artwork a thing of true beauty, but the lo-fi production of such magnificent effects is a thing of wonder.  It oozes of innovation and it’s a testament to the artists’ ability to think outside the box.

Sci-Fly will be the second stop-motion animation produced by Joey Shanks.  Creating a whole universe out of unusual and unexpected props, Shanks has already demonstrated the majestic results of his creative muscle.  Sci-Fly’s story certainly sounds good, but words can’t do justice to the Shank’s vision for the film.

I do believe in MOVIEMAGIC (corny, I know).  I think there is an element of surprise that can happen when filming in a physical environment.  When the only way to find out how it will look is to go out and film it.  Sometimes it doesn’t work and other times you really can find magic.  Some people call it luck but I think it is the energy of being “in the moment” and having the camera rolling.  This is my favorite element of making a movie.  It keeps me coming back every time.

Another example of how bootstraps can inspire innovation.  A lo-fi sci-fi is a testament to the creativity and passion of the creator, and Sci-Fly is taking shape to become a beautiful and astonishing piece.  Check it out on Kickstarter and support the perpetual pushing of the creative envelope before June 3.


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