Day 147: A Fresh Crop

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May 26, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Farms are, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, rather important.  While there’s undeniable advantages to small-scale, independent and decentralized agriculture, the fact is that there’s soon going to be about 10 billion hungry people to feed on this planet, and we need a new approach to feeding them.  We’re bound to our current, industrialized, expensive and wasteful food production system by decades of short-sighted tradition, and the average farmer is moving towards retirement at a rate faster than his replacements can step in.  That, though, can either be a potential crisis or a potential opportunity; it depends upon how we address it here and now.  Today’s project is cultivating a new generation of farmers to sew the seeds of a better way to keep both people and planet happy, healthy and well-fed.

Stay Hoppy Farms has only just popped out of the earth; begun in March of this year, the farm in the heart of Sonoma County, CA, is tending the soil with the long-view in mind.  As a non-profit venture, they hope to become an educational resource for future farmers with a new paradigm for sustainability.

In California, and in most of the nation, a majority of farmers are 60 years and above. With this, we have high hopes in bringing the youthful hearts back to the soil, and roughing up those fingernails!

Digging in the dirt is something I fear too few people my age are interested in.  I hope that with more opportunities to learn not only about why we’re in need of a new paradigm in farming, but also how we can devise one and put it into action, future farmers will look with new eyes upon this big, blue and green garden we call Earth.  Help cultivate a new generation of agriculture by backing Stay Hoppy Farm’s project before June 1.


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