Day 140: A Mission of Moments

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May 19, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Traveling, as I believe I’ve said before, is good.  When done properly (and “proper” is subjective), traveling means exploring and expanding – going and seeing and doing and meeting, growing and learning as you keep the journey going even after returning home.  You can’t relive good memories without making some first.  There’s an infinite amount of memories to be made and shared and kept alive, and today’s project is a truly cool way to capture and contribute memories from travelers around the world.

Throughout the summer of 2011, the Disposable Stories project has been creating and connecting memories that are anything but throwaway.  Distributing cameras to world travelers with instructions to take five pictures and pass it on, they collected an array of amazing moments and shared them with the world.  Now they’re at it again, and are turning to Kickstarter to step their game up.

The massive positive reaction and the hundreds of comments and emails by people who wanted to join the project prompted us to plan a second run on a bigger scale. That’s why we are coming to Kickstarter to raise funds to finance the operation and connect with the community to give everyone a chance to be part of the project this time.

With plans to distribute 99 camera across the world and a site to track and record photos as they come in, Summer 2012 might just be the most memorable yet.  Until next year, that is.

This is a neat project that will help reluctantly stationary people like me trot the globe vicariously through the eyes of people on the move.  Help create, connect and immortalize some of the most photogenic moments from around the world this summer by supporting Disposable Stories on Kickstarter before May 26.


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