Day 138: Earth to Brooklyn

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May 17, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

After discovering the resilience of plants in space (which incidentally sounds like the premise for a very boring sci-fi movie), it’s worth regarding plants on earth as even more remarkable.  We put plants through a lot of hell, really.  We cut them down, burn them up, eat them (though we more often force other animals to gobble them up), bombard them with toxins, hormones and other intentionally-manipulative chemicals – and yet they persist, and if ever we were to disappear, they’d ensure a swift and mighty comeback of nature.  Plants really are both remarkable and useful, but our focus for the past few millennia has been on manipulating them to augment their usefulness without much regard for their remarkableness.  I hope – and have reason to suspect – that in the future, we’ll be working more with nature than we have in the past – to come to terms where we (man and plant, or perhaps man and planet) can prosper in a less one-sided way.  Today’s project is tilling a patch of common ground in the heart of one of mankind’s greatest conquests over nature: Brooklyn, New York.

Roger That! is setting up a little slice of good, old-fashioned, Terran ecosystem in the industrialized (and otherwise nature-barren and very much unearthly) Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn.  (Re)Building a habitat for birds, insects, plants and even people is representative of the notion that with planning and foresight, humanity and nature can get quite nicely along together.

Without fail, every time we’ve gone in to weed, clear out garbage, and re-organize- neighbors stop, ask what’s going on, and see how they can get involved. Plants really do unite people. Everyone who donates to our Project is welcome to lend a hand and play in the dirt with us.

A little patch of earth for earth’s sake.  And for ours.  Gardening really is the best of both worlds: productive and money-saving, hospitable and life-sustaining.  Giving back to the human community is a definite bonus to enabling the numerous non-human ones that stand to benefit from a little slice of nature in a place where nature’s been so handily driven out.  Help invite her and her bounties back into the home we’ve built with her permission – back Roger That! Garden Project on Kickstarter before May 18.


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