Day 132: Special Showing

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May 11, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

As Hollywood continues to pump tripe onto big screens across the nation and (unfortunately for our international persona) across the world, I grow ever fonder of all the unsung heroes of cinema.  Don’t get me wrong, not everything from the underground can compare to some of the genuine gems of Hollywood’s long history, but there’s strength in numbers.  With a growing abundance of independent film, the odds of encountering something truly remarkable are better than what you’d encounter at any typical box office; it’s just a matter of scoping them out.  Today’s project, much unlike the typical box office, is bringing films too special, and sometimes perhaps too strange, to make it to the megaplex.

The Chicago Underground Film Festival (CUFF) is celebrating its 19th year, and now we have a chance to help the showcase thrive.

The CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL (CUFF), a showcase of defiant and offbeat cinema that confronts the tired, the market-driven, and the predictable. Through its eight-day program of adventurous, experimental works, CUFF celebrates the artistic, aesthetic, and just plain old fun side of independent filmmaking while challenging and transcending commercial and audience expectations.

CUFF breaks the mold of even the most obscure and offbeat indie film fests.  Once the credits fade to black, the party keeps going with live music, food and obviously lots of film-fueled chatter.  If the promo showreel is any indication, there’ll be a lot to talk about.  I’ve only been to Chicago a precious few times, but my impression of it was all good.  Hosting so unconventional a showcase like this is a testament to the city’s fertility to new ways of thinking and creating.  Here’s hoping that that sort of fertility is contagious.

Become a part of this fringe festival’s looney legagy on Kickstarter before tomorrow, May 12, or risk missing some sub-radar cinema.


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