Day 128: Summer Getaway

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May 7, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Summer is a time to grow – to go forth, to see new places, to meet new people, to think new thoughts and to learn new things.  Ideally, that sort of exploration could take place all year long, but it seems like summer really is the most conducive time of the year for adventuring.  Even without the definite deadline of a new semester approaching to end my summer independence, I intend to make good use of it and hope to begin assembling a lifestyle conducive to consistent renewal and perpetual adventure.  A guy can dream.  In the meantime, though, today’s project is giving me (and you, and hundreds of others) the opportunity to adventure vicariously across North America for three months this year.

Postcards From Nowhere will be a summer-long journey across the United States (including Alaska), by car, with two photographers behind the wheel.

It was all decided over pancakes at IHOP.  On June 1st, we would leave on a three month trip covering each of the lower 48 states. Three months prior to this conversation, we didn’t even know each other.  Now we’re going to spend countless hours in a very small space together, exploring as much of the country as we can.

They’ve set up a site to track their travels, and will be sending postcards to all their phantom companions (Kickstarter supporters) as they go.  The postcards will be printed on located, and will capture something they find characteristically awesome about wherever they happen to be at the time.  America’s got a lot of character to take pictures of, and with Andrew Kenny and Jake Jones behind the camera, I’d count on some interesting memories being shared.  Andrew and Jake are a talented set of guys, each with an impressive portfolio to call their own, and who, as it happens, barely just knew each other before committing to this journey.  That premise alone makes the journey itself worth documenting, and I’m definitely going to be checking in with them from time to time as they move cross country.
Send these gentlemen on a journey of a lifetime, and hitch yourself along without ever having to leave home (or pay for gas) by backing Postcards From Nowhere before May 10.

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