Day 127: Home Field Advantage

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May 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Coming home is….well, I’ll be honest, it’s a little strange.  In my time at school, I came to appreciate my family more than I ever could have while living under the same roof with them.  Now that I’m home, I still have that appreciation…at least for the time being.  Despite the years and all the changes to my life that they’ve brought, this town, this house, these people remain.  I’m grateful for this place and the memories it keeps with it.  No matter where I live or who with, I think a part of me will always think of this place as home.  Today’s project knows a thing or two about keeping the spirit of home alive, and is willing to fight for it.

Stealing Home is a documentary about a group of Detroit natives who’re fighting to protect and preserve the body and spirit of a field that was once home for many a baseball fan.  Go Tigers.

This documentary tells the inspiring story of the Navin Field Grounds Crew, a group of devoted baseball fans who feel such a strong connection to the site of the old Tiger Stadium that they donate their time, energy and money to maintaining the field at the corner of Michigan Ave. & Trumbull.  Every Sunday they rake the infield, mow the grass and pick up trash so people can play ball where Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and generations of baseball legends used to play.  Their efforts have garnered national attention in outlets such as ESPN The Magazine and National Public Radio.  But the city of Detroit, which owns the field, says they’re trespassing.  Police have threatened them with arrest.  The city wants to repurpose the land for industrial use.

Guerrilla groundskeepers keeping sacred ground – preserving the field of a century’s old Detroit dream team.  These home-fielders return week after week, with nobody’s permission, to stave off the slow death of a place they think of as home plate.  An admirable labor of love, nostalgia and trespassing.  Get the full story over on Kickstarter and help the home team stand their ground by pledging before May 16.


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