Day 124: “To-Read”

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May 3, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’m always on the prowl for things to read.  Whether articles or scientific manuscripts, sci-fi or just plain old sci – I’ve become sort of a book hound lately.  I’m afraid that I’m amassing a list that it might take me years to work my way through, but I’m encouraged to know at least that there will always be something else worth reading.  One bit of trouble I run into once in a while, though, is organizing that “to-read” list – trying to prioritize it somehow and determine what to dive into next?  It’s not an easy decision (unless of course the last book I read was part of a remarkable, gripping series), and I sometimes wish I had a little guidance.  I suppose I could read the back cover of each prospect and try to assess which one sounds like the best next project, but it’s not enough to judge a book by either cover.  Today’s project is a new way to resolve this issue that I bet plagues thousands of others, too.

Electric Literature has, for years, been a resource for dedicated bookworms in the digital age.  Now, they’re embarking on a new adventure in literature by introducing “Recommended Reading”: a new feature to promote and distribute new and outstanding writing.

Great authors inspire us. But what about the stories that inspire them? Recommended Reading, the latest project from Electric Literature, will publish one story every week, each chosen by a great author or editor. In this age of distraction, we’ll uncover writing that’s worth slowing down and spending some time with. And in doing so, we’ll help give great writers, literary magazines, and independent presses the recognition (and readership) they deserve.

Whether you’re a reader looking for a the next chapter or a writer looking to find the next reader, having a platform for suggesting new and interesting writing is sure to come in handy.  If the literary industrial complex sees fit to publish and promote such auspicious works as Twilight, perhaps looking off the beaten path will yield books of a higher caliber.  When the whole written world is at your fingertips, finding something truly great is harder than trolling through a library without the Dewey Decimal System.  Help connect hungry readers to the books they so crave by backing Electric Literature’s Recommended Reader project on Kickstarter before May 9.


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