Day 120: A New Breed

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April 29, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

What’s so great about Hollywood?  I’m not asking rhetorically – I really want to know what people think Hollywood’s got that’s so special.  The entertainment industrial complex seems to produce less unique, innovative and creative material every year; it’s obvious that despite operating with bloated budgets, they haven’t got the talent market cornered in terms of writing, acting or producing.  More than being a mere lumbering oaf, big-budget, industrialized entertainment companies are becoming more and more obstructive – they’re reacting to the very real threat to their dominance over our eyeballs posed by a growing number of creative, talented, inspired and independent artists who aren’t playing their old games.  Today’s project is the stuff of Hollywood’s nightmares.

Dust is an independent film that’s been taking shape over the past two years.  Filmed “guerilla style” on location in Japan, the movie’s production team has labored to produce a movie that is remarkable in its story, its effects, and its independence. 

Little is known about the Dust or the unusual sickness it causes but as it continues to consume the countryside, Kabé is preparing to shut its gates—denying refuge to anyone outside the walls.

What beautiful nightmare fuel.

Differences in budget and creative freedom aside, there’s a remarkable asset that crowdsourced films have that Hollywood-produced films never will: they’re democratic.  They’re Darwinian.  In order to complete this film, its producers must earn the support of people who can be convinced that it will be worth watching.  Hollywood’s audiences don’t get a say; they’re left instead to hope that the creative wells of the box office haven’t yet been sucked dry.  In this new crowdsourced world, however, good movies get made, bad movies don’t.  Survival of the fittest.  Welcome to the next chapter in evolution.

Help this new breed of film claim its place in the jungle of entertainment by backing Dust before May 6.


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