Day 117: In Real Life

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April 26, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Not much time to blog today – just arrived back from (an incredible trip to) Boston…yes, during the middle of the week.  Yes, one week before final exams and graduation.  Yes, I did have to take a final exam this morning, online.  Aced it, thank you very much.  Anyway, I’m back now and ready to get back into the swing of things…for another 8 days until my career as a student comes to an abrupt end and my life future looms in a could of uncertainty over the horizon.  I digress.  Not much time to blog today.  Luckily, my internet-dwelling, YouTube-loving, self-proclaimed fangirl of a sister pointed me in the direction of a project that’s genuinely interesting.

The Exceptionally Ordinary Variety Tour will be a cross-country circuit involving home-grown celebrities and YouTube sensations from around the world.  Apparently, they’re kind of a big deal on the interwebs.

The Exceptionally Ordinary Variety Tour is a project that will bring attendees a whole new experience. Unlike many tours, this endeavor isn’t just about seeing the performances. The shows will have lots of audience interaction, along with live music, stand-up comedy, and even some death-defying stunt spectaculars!  The performers aim to remove the wall that exists between artists and their fans and come together as a community for a night of fun.

I like this idea.  It’s bringing the internet to life in a way that doesn’t happen much outside of Anonymous protests and general rabble-rousing.  The internet is, after all, a network of real, living, listening, thinking and talking people.  Sometimes not thinking much, but still, the potential is there.  What’s great about this tour is that it’s a chance to step off the screen and into peoples’ lives, where we still spend some of our time.  I’ve not followed every one of the auspicious internet celebrities engaged in this project, but those that I am familiar with are definitely worth paying attention to.  Support this project and the independence it channels on Kickstarter before Sunday, April 29.


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