Day 113: Audience Participation

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April 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It seems that the more I read, watch, hear, learn and understand, the more I recognize that the way information is produced and distributed has taken a wrong turn somewhere.  For more than a hundred years, society operated in a state where the capacity to create, produce and provide content was a relatively costly and involved process.  You needed lots of equipment, training, time, people, factories, printers, plotters, presses, trains, planes and automobiles.  And money.  Content was viewed as a commodity and took to the industrial mold.  It was prepared, packaged and distributed as a finished good to people who couldn’t have practically produced it on their own.  In this way, the the information and entertainment industries were exclusive, and exercised rights of exclusivity in order to profit on their work.  The world, however, is changing.  Now, recording your thoughts, opinions, fantasies in text, pictures or video are within almost anyone’s grasp.  What’s more is that we’re now also able to share and distribute our own content at insignificant costs to a virtually boundless audience.  In light of this Hollywood quakes.  And rightfully so, I think.  What purpose can industrialized content makers serve when people are able to easily and affordably produce, consume and share stuff that relates directly to their interests?  Record and film producers are fighting hard to maintain the old regime and perpetuate an obsolete and deleterious concept of intellectual property, but today’s project is one more that I hope will shake the ground they’re standing on.

Todd Lucas: Singer/Songwriter is a film intended to bust the block without selling its soul.  Aside from the clever writing and talented cast and crew, the independence of the film is itself noteworthy.  The film’s producers, Sidecar Productions, believes that film should be an inclusive and collaborative endeavor – not a finished good that’s prepackaged and sold to unengaged couch-potatoes.  They want your help to make this movie, and think you’ll have more fun than you might have otherwise.  I do, too. 

Set in the mid 1980’s when synthesized riffs, regrettable fashion, big hair, and sexual ambiguity ruled the music scene, Todd Lucas: Singer / Songwriter blends the comedic flair of Flight of the Conchords (2007) with deadpan humor epitomized by Napoleon Dynamite (2004).

A self-described “musicomedy”, the film’s creators promise hilarious and original content build for and with people who want to be more than Hollywood’s got to offer.  It’s a chance to support a new way forward in entertainment and creativity – one that doesn’t limit access to creative capacity or limit the variety of entertainment; nor does having a lower budget than a typical blockbuster does not necessarily result in low quality.  Join Sidecar in making a film that’s a testament to the immense creative and productive power that exists outside the old, industrial, intellectual-property-mongering guard.


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