Day 110: Specter Society

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April 19, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Time again for some good sci-fi.  That seems to be a trend around The Kick-Off, but one that I’m not about to apologize for.  Sci-Fi, perhaps more than any other genre, has the ability to tickle our imaginations and make us think; it’s not just pure entertainment, even when highly entertaining.  Today’s project takes place in a future not unfathomable, exploring scenarios that are imaginative and provocative, and maybe to us here and now, a little far-fetched.   One thing about this project is certain: it’s a glorious new addition to the world of good sci-fi.

“Ghost with Shit Jobs” is a film that describes itself as lo-fi sci-fi.  Produced by dozens of volunteers contributing years of labor to construct a reality where time are tough in the U.S., and the remnants of the one-great nation are left to cope with day to day life looking to make a living in a world that has seemed to passed them by.

By 2040, the economy has flipped and North Americans are a cheap labour pool for wealthy Asian markets. A Chinese documentary show focuses on the “ghosts” (Cantonese slang for white people) unlucky enough to have been born into the slums of Toronto in a special report that translates as “Ghosts With Shit Jobs.”

Times only get tougher for America in Ghosts‘ vision of the future.  Human spammers, silk gatherers, digital janitors.infant engineers…it’s enough to keep Mike Rowe busy for years to come.  It seems like the only jobs left stateside are the leftovers from a feast that’s made its way off of America’s table.

There’s a sense of charm behind this film that makes it unique.  It makes it genuine and genuinely interesting to watch.  Having drawn upon the efforts of 50 volunteer film makers, united by a blueprint for a somewhat bleaker tomorrow, the low-budget rendering of so many imaginations is a thing worth marveling at.  They’re offering advanced copies of the film through Kickstarter for only a $10 pledge, which when the dollar collapses, will only amount to a few square inches of wallpaper anyway.  You can watch the first 20 minutes of “Ghosts with Shit Jobs” online for free now, but be sure to back them before May 18 to get the full feature.


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