Day 109: Moonshot

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April 18, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Space.  A new frontier.  Perhaps the final one, but it’s certainly the biggest one we’re aware of.  And we’re only partially aware of it at all.  That’s because space is, well, rather big.  It’s bigger than we can comfortably think about.  Really thinking about space ought to make your head hurt a little.  If it doesn’t, you’re not really seeing the big picture.  Thinking, though, about how unknown it all is to us might make your heart sick.  It certainly does with mine.  I want to believe that human space exploration is inevitable – that it’s just a matter of time, but I know that’s not true.  It takes more than time to reach the stars – it takes brilliant innovation, new technology, boundless creativity, passion and power.  So while we’re filled with visions of future generations sailing from star to star, such fantasies will be forever confined to sci-fi unless we start working here and now to get off this rock.  Today’s project isn’t waiting around.

The Hermes Spacecraft is being developed as a reusable, suborbital space-faring vessel for personnel and payloads.  Earth’s grasp has so far been one too strong for us to overcome without breaking the bank, but with the advent of independent creativity, brilliant new ideas for escaping our homeworld are now bringing us closer than ever to fulfilling our celestial destiny.  Hermes might be the next chapter in space flight, but there’s much work to be done here on Earth, first.

We want to provide the ultimate joyride, a thrilling ride to space where passengers can experience zero gravity, see the curvature of the Earth below and the star-filled black sky above.  Our mantra is “Space for All”, and we want to provide affordable spaceflight for all future astronauts waiting to go!

Gravity is such a downer.  (Har, har.)
With prototypes and several components already developed, the Hermes team is now turning to Kickstarter in order to create a scaled-up propulsion test system.  The hybrid rocket they’re building promises a lower barrier to space entry.  It’s one NASA should be paying attention to, unless of course they’re too busy worrying about how to to get their budgets slashed.  The time to think about practical space travel is now, and with your help and mine, we can take one more small step out of the nest that’s growing messier and more crowded by the day.  If you believe that the a great future doesn’t simply make itself, I hope you’ll join me in backing the Hermes team before April 28.


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