Day 104: Corner Office

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April 13, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve observed something fascinating recently.  Maybe even more than one something.  But one special something that’s stood out to me is a redistribution of power from big groups (like corporations and institutions) to individuals.  Going independent doesn’t necessarily mean going solo – I’m hearing about more and more people keeping their steady, stable jobs but ditching the 9-to-5 regime in favor of something more conducive to their comfort zone.  For some, that means working from home.  For others, a coffee shop will do.  Or a park.  As I see it, so long as the work gets done, done well, and done on time, it doesn’t often matter where it gets done.  Finding the right place to work can be a challenge, but it seems like for more and more people, it’s not in a cubicle on the 23rd floor.  Freelancers and liberated post-corporate drones alike will want to check in to today’s project.

Seed will a Toledo-based “coworking community.”  The idea is simple: an office for anyone.  A space for freelancers or work-at-homers to escape the psychological perils of trying to get work done in the living room.

Seed will become home to designers, developers, independent contractors, innovators and tiny companies. The resulting community will help them share, thrive and inspire.

Seed is more than desks, and chairs and wifi. Thankfully, we have a great development partner whose vision matches our own. The space is being built specifically to promote collaboration, fun, productivity and contagious energy.

An open office.  It’s a concept that’s worked in big cities like New York and LA, and I’m glad to see the trend trickling out to the rest of the productive world.  Creativity can’t be boxed or bottled, and there’s no standard template for making the most of your time – even if the work is interesting, engaging and fun, the hours, the place and the people make a big difference in how, when and what gets done.  Seed is bringing the resources for independent creativity and productivity to Toledo and in so doing, I hope they’ll be paving the way for more spaces like these in towns big and small, nation- and world-wide.  It’s a great idea to support a tremendous movement of individuality and empowerment, and one I hope you’ll join me in backing before April 17.


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