Day 103: A Dynamic Dish

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April 12, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It’s been my humble observation that food means more to human beings than it appears to mean to other animals.  We don’t just eat to live.  It would appear, in fact, that some of us live to eat.  Judgments aside, we do have relationships with our food in ways that are truly unique to our species.  I’m not aware of any other living organism who voluntarily goes on a diet, counts calories or gathers ’round the feast to bond with family and friends – at least not to the degree to which we do so on Thanksgiving.  Food is an integral part of every human culture on earth, and it means something different to everyone, so with a multi-dimensional perspective on food in mind, today’s project is looking to involve people in more food-to-person connections than any single restaurant might hope to offer alone.  Until now, of course.

Thank You For Coming is not the sort of restaurant you’ll go to with expectations set in stone, unless of course your expectations are that you’ll be finding something new and unexpected.  With a rotating team of resident cooks, the menu might never be the same twice and with an open kitchen atmosphere, the line between chefs and customers will fade into oblivion. 

Thank You For Coming will be run in a collaborative and participatory manner, which entails that staff will rotate by means of a residency program to give citizens with varying interests, desires and skills, an opportunity to cook for the public, be a farmer, play with a space, and experiment accordingly.

I’ve never heard of anything quite like it and I’m intrigued to see how it will all unfold, but I have to give credit to the notion behind it.  A place to get to know your food, and your neighbors, and your neighbors’ food, and the people preparing it all.  A place to experience and experiment with different food and different people with different tastes and different views.  A place to eat, and learn, and teach.  A place for discovery – culinary, cultural and community.  If that sound like something you’d be hungry for, think about joining in by backing Thank You For Coming on Kickstarter before April 21.


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