Day 97: Eastern Treasures


April 6, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It surprises me to think sometimes that there are people in America who regard it as a land that belongs to any one group – ethnic, racial, religious, whatever.  America was and will, I hope, forever be a melting pot – a chunky stew of cultures from everywhere else, mixed together in a chunky, savory concoction that’s so unique, and so much stronger, deeper and richer than any of its constituent ingredients alone.  America was born and continues to be reborn out of new blood.  Immigration is something not to regard as a danger to the native-born, but to be welcomed as an infusion of guests, neighbors and soon-to-be citizens who come bearing the gifts of their heritage.  Immigrants sacrifice in order to become Americans; we should start looking at it as an honor to have them on our side.  The world, as I’ve said before on numerous occasions, is getting smaller, and so our minds must get bigger to take more in all the time.  Opening ourselves to global exchange isn’t limited to information and ideas – it’s people who produce the things and ideas we exchange, and so its people who we must begin to value.  Immigrants account for some (most?) of America’s most creative, productive, daring and successful, but still there are some Americans so nearsighted as to regard them with distance.  Today’s project follows four amazing stories of Chinese-born, All-American daughters.

Somewhere Between is a documentary following four Chinese-born girls, living in the United States after being adopted into families who treasure them for more than their blood line. 

These wonderful young women allow us to grasp what it is like to come-of-age in today’s America as trans-racial adoptees.  At the same time, we see them as typical American teenagers doing what teenagers everywhere do…struggling to answer the question, ‘Who Am I?’

As they grow and learn and experience life in America as an adoptee from abroad, these girls are exposed to circumstances that few others can relate to.  Amongst the nearly 80,000 Chinese-born adopted daughters now living in America, these four have much to teach.  Through their lives, they’ll contribute much to the American story – this film is neither the beginning nor the end of what wisdom and insight they’ll offer, but it will be kept forever as a chapter of their lives for all the world to reflect on.

I wonder how their lives differ from one anothers’; I wonder in what ways they are the same.  Somewhere Between surely knows the value in diversity and with your help, this film can share a glimpse into the lives of people who live permanently and continuously as welcomed daughters from a distant land – who are loved as family, foreign or not – and who will forever be between two worlds.  Help tell these stories and more by backing Somewhere Between on Kickstarter before April 11.


One thought on “Day 97: Eastern Treasures

  1. […] like any else, have a fairly rigid stance on immigration, which I’ve previously written about: it’s amazing.  It’s captivating, fascinating, inspiring and scary. […]

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