Day 96: Black is Beautiful

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April 5, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ll admit: gardening is a little intimidating to me.  I tend to over-think things.  I worry about over- or under-watering, soil density and composition, pH, nutrient density, sunlight exposure, temperature, pest control…it shouldn’t be so hard to just let things grow – they’ve been doing it on their own all over the place for quite some time!  The truth, though, is that gardens are artificial little ecosystems where plants are taken out of their natural contexts and made to take root in conditions they might not be so comfortable with.  I try to give my greenery every advantage I can offer it, but so far I’ve always wound up killing a seedling or two for lack of adhering to the platinum rule (treat others the way they wish to be treated).  Today’s project, though, recognized a solution to the needs of the foliage we so love and depend on – something that’s sure to make your garden grow – and it’s not stopping there.

Black Revolution is super soil.  It’s actually a soil replacement containing a potent cocktail of nutrient-dense ingredients including coconut husk, compost and the intriguing substance known as biochar.  What’s biochar, you ask?  This is biochar:

Biochar is a charcoal soil amendment made from waste that improves nutrient retention, offsets CO2 and has the potential to help feed our growing planet. Black Revolution is the world’s first carbon-negative replacement for soil made entirely from waste. It’s lighter than traditional soil, so it works great in rooftop or urban environments. The potting soil and chemical fertilizer industries are traditionally some of the most environmentally destructive in the world. Chemical fertilizers require massive amounts of fossil fuels and pollute our rivers and streams. Potting soils contain peat moss and vermiculite: non-renewable resources mined from endangered areas around the world.

Biochar is recycling at its very best.  Using waste as a resource for growth and production, especially of something as critical and limited as food, is a concept that has the potential to change a lot of lives.  The advantages of biochar extend beyond its waste-less ingredients – Black Revolution is packed with nutrients that allow plants to thrive.  It’s a green product in multiple ways…except for being completely black.  The potential for biochar to change the world is limited only by how much of it we’re able to produce and put into action.  Get your hands dirty and help re:char build a better earth by backing Black Revolution on Kickstarter before April 8.


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