Day 93: Young Guns


April 2, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It seems to me that the world’s talent pool these days is shaped a bit like a pyramid, with age making up the narrowing layers.  Peaked by an aged elite of grand masters, the creative force of the world seems to be supported by the young.  New people with new ideas, who’ve yet to become jaded, faded or disillusioned by the meat grinder that yesteryear’s icons survived (and maybe helped make).  It occurs to me, also, though, that the new ability of these young creators to gather the resources necessary to bring their visions to life might alter this pyramid as time goes on.  With more young creators creative successfully, perhaps more of them will stick to the business of creation.  Perhaps we’re in for a generation packed with seasoned filmmakers, musicians and artists who got the support early in their careers necessary to develop their talent and affirm their passion.  Today’s project might one day be counted as such a milestone in the careers of tomorrow’s creative leaders, and the fact that it’s happening right outside my door (almost literally) is personally something I just find cool.

Turn is one of the best student-fueled series you’re likely to come across.  Made for both TV and the web, Turn is a fully-student-produced action, drama, thriller and even a little sci-fi show that’s evolving as rapidly behind the scenes as it is on camera. 

The show is based around events involving a group of agents in an exclusive graduate program preparing for careers in an elite police force.  As members of the Division, they take on investigations and fieldwork that often proves dangerous. They struggle with both their own personal issues and the mysterious faction that is trying to destroy them from the inside. Crimes are committed, hearts damaged, lives lost. Where will the next turn find them?

Where indeed?  With as much new talent being focused into this project, it’s no wonder they’re taking it to the next level.  More and more MSU students are getting involved in the writing, casting, production and editing of Turn, and despite their unanimously pro bono efforts, the show itself warrants an investment.  The show itself is an investment, I think, in the futures of its contributors – of the students working to create something new and extraordinary.  Join me in making that investment in the people today who will be shaping tomorrow’s entertainment by backing Turn on Kickstarter before April 5.


2 thoughts on “Day 93: Young Guns

  1. The Kick-Off says:

    (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it was awesome to recognize locations on campus where Turn is filmed.)

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks for supporting turn!

    also this idea of a kickstarter marathon is brilliant. I will be following this for the rest of the year.

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