Day 91: Brain Food

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March 31, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I love to cook.  Learning how to cook really did change my life.  It changed the way I thought about food and what I ate.  It gave me an appreciation for everything that goes into a meal, and into my mouth.  Cooking was a daunting thing, though, because for a long time, I saw it as a delicate art that required strict adherence to a system of rules and regulations; any outside-the-box thinking would result in culinary catastrophe and embarrassing kitchen stains.  Not so.  A little bravery and a lot of inspiration led me to discover the true joy of cooking – a joy that I think can only be realized once you shut the recipe book and start playing by different rules.  Today’s project is definitely looking to creative places for culinary inspiration, and is bound not by the limits of French kitchen etiquette, but by the laws of physics.

The Geeky Chef will be a cooking show unlike so many others.  First, it’s a webseries, so you can watch it anywhere, anytime, pausing to take notes or stir, sift or strain, on-demand.  Second, your host, Dan Tran, is an engineer by training and a chef by heart.  His perspective on cooking comes from the ever-expanding boundaries of science in the kitchen. 

There is a very strong sense of discovery to the show. Viewers will learn how to use common household items for cooking in ways they never thought possible. How will a hair dryer help you make a better cake? Or how will bobby pins play a part in making the most amazing chicken wings? This show is about that!

Too many people are afraid to step into the kitchen, and even then too timid to cut loose and play with their food.  The idea behind this show is to help people create food in interesting, creative and innovative ways that don’t take years of toil at the Le Cordon Bleu (or a Ph.D. in physical chemistry) to master.  Dan is making kitchen creativity an approachable act, which ultimately means more cooks in the world, and to me, a world full of people who understand and love food is a brighter, smarter and more peaceful world.

So if you’re tired of burning pasta (I’ve seen it happen) or your eggs never coming out quite the way you like, I hope you’ll join me in backing this brainy cuisine on Kickstarter before May 1.


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