Day 90: Literary Legacy

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March 30, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

I’ve spent too little of my life with an appreciation for fiction.  Being forced to read literature as a student turned me off entirely and kept me from really every enjoying the act of reading for entertainment.  Since having moved on from having books assigned and graded, I’ve come to understand that fiction in literature can be so much more than entertainment.  It can be compelling, relevant, informative, provocative, and inspiring.  And yes, entertaining, too.  Much more so, often, than televised fiction (of which there is plenty).  Today’s project is the work of one young writer, driven by a previously-secret family legacy in literature.

To Breathe Free will be the first novel written by Andrew Galasetti, a budding young author inspired by the unpublished works of a grandfather he never got the chance to know fully.  Andrew’s first full-length work would make that grandfather proud – telling the extraordinary story of turbulent new lives in America.

Lonely, lost, and incomplete, the twenty-something narrator of To Breathe Freeseeks refuge and answers in New York City and in his family’s past. A past in which his Great-Grandmother, Mildred, has just been orphaned by an automobile accident at the age of twelve, and in which his Great-Grandfather, Thomas, the black sheep of his wealthy Connecticut family, sets out for New York City to restart his young life.

A reflection on the American Dream as it’s sought, strived for and sacrificed, To Breathe Free is the first chapter in what I hope will become a revived legacy of writing in the Galasetti family.  Andrew hopes to publish his first novel in eBook format, but wants now to bring in a professional editor to make it shine before it hits the screen.  For a fraction of the price of literature with less depth and character, you can help this young author take charge of his own American dream and pick the fruits of his literary labor of love and legacy.


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