Day 85: Twisting Their Little Minds


March 25, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

It used to be that fitness was not something we had to go out of our way for.  We’re talking a while back, now.  A few millennia, perhaps.  We’d walk and climb and run from predators and towards prey because we had to.  No longer.  Now we don’t even have to desk to have somebody’s not-so-fresh kill delivered to our doorstep.  There’s two sides to the obesity coin, and a lot of attention is directed towards overindulgence, but today’s modern lifestyle is so easy that we have to make a conscious effort – to go out of our ways – to get even the bare minimum physical activity that’s conducive to good health.  We’ve grown up in a world where sloth is the default.  Fewer and fewer of kids these days (*shakes fist*) are running around outside.  Video games are coming around in a small way, but you’ll be hard pressed to convince a kid to put down the controller to Unreal Tournament in favor of playing a little catch.  Today’s project is offering a bright, enlightened hope for a future of citizens who have known the merits and rewards of activity – physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual – since childhood.  Today’s project is getting them hooked while they’re still young.

Lydia Griffith has been a yoga instructor for over 5 years, and understands the long-lasting power of forming healthy habits within the young minds and bodies of children.  She’s now telling the story of Mica, who began practicing yoga at age 8, and is learning about herself, those around her and the universe as a whole through an ancient art that most kids her age would scoff at, or at least ignore in favor of Spongebob Squarepants.

It was many years ago that I had a vision for creating a kids yoga DVD and now that dream is becoming a reality with the creation of “Kharma Kids Yoga through the Seasons.”  The video includes 4 yoga classes that takes a child through the poses with fun songs and creative storytelling while learning to connect body/breath, be flexible, be calm, be balanced and be peaceful.

Approaching something as profound as the ancient practice of yoga to modern children is a daunting task, but with a format they can connect with, I think Kharma Kids is onto something.  Lydia’s success gives me reason to be, too, because some of the students featured in her course have been with her since age two.  There’s nothing like an early start to an enlightened life.

If you, like me, are into the idea of a new generation of well-balanced individuals, I hope you’ll help start it right by backing this project before April 10.


One thought on “Day 85: Twisting Their Little Minds

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