Day 84: Root Recipes

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March 24, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

We humans tend to make a big fuss about our food.  I don’t know of any other animal on earth that has the same kind of relationship that we do with what we eat.  Even when we were hunting and gathering, we would feast and celebrate – food is a staple of every human culture on the planet.  Wherever you go, you’ll find unique recipes, traditions, and wholly distinct interactions with food.  Some like it raw (and bloody), others burn it to a crisp, some just want it now and some have so little that every crumb is sacred.  Food, though, means more to us humans than just fuel.  Today’s project is looking at one such human-to-food relationship that speaks to the souls and the stomachs of millions.

Garlic & Greens is a recorded history of American soul food.  With roots that wrap around the globe, this cuisine is steeped in tradition for Southerners and those they cook for.  There’s a lot of story to tell between the seed and the dinner plate, and Garlic & Greens is telling it in ways everyone can savor. 

GARLIC & GREENS is producing an audio book packaged as a limited edition box set. The book is centered around interviews about soul food traditions, their southern roots, and the connection to Black history.

In a format that goes beyond the one dimension reserved for books, Garlic & Greens is tapping into all five senses to immerse the audience in the experience that is soul food.  It’s about learning where food comes from – less in the sense of what plot of land or barnyard your dinner came from, but more in the sense of how your dinner came to be when it was first conceived by hungry forefathers in kitchens of the past.  Cuisine, like culture itself, is ever-evolving, but this kind of history informs the present and sets the stage for the future of food.  Get yourself some Garlic & Greens (I recommend collards) before March 27.


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