Day 83: Spontaneous Symphonies

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March 23, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Aaah, music.  We meet again.  I’m always delighted when I find a truly interesting, truly unique sound on Kickstarter.  The world is full of talent, but so much of it is focused on adapting, innovating or even replicating what’s been tested, tried and trusted, so finding something that’s really and truly new means looking in unexpected places for unexpected sounds.  Nothing is quite so unexpected to listeners as music that even the artists themselves don’t have planned.  Today’s project is what happens when talented musicians surprise themselves with the mics turned on.

The Tia Imani Hanna Project is a band of three multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and masters of staying on their toes.  Driven by a love for world music, they collaborate in extemporaneous jam sessions that sync so well, you’d swear they had planned it that way.

We have a lot of textural sounds among us, with Carolyn playing on several kinds of percussion instruments including calimba, cajon, cymbals, sheep toes and even a bedpan; Elden playing on the Turkish cunbush, pronounced (june boosh), which is a Turkish banjo, the Chinese pipa, the glissantar (a fretless guitar with six strings), and he sings too; and Tia on violin and vocals, sometimes simultaneously and in harmony with herself.

So many instruments, so much talent, and all channeled straight from thought to sound in an instant of ever-evolving harmony.  There’s truly nothing quite like it, past or future – this music lives exclusively in the present.  Unfortunately, until now, that has meant that in order to experience it, you’d have to be within earshot of Tia Imani Hanna, but they’re hoping to immortalize their off-the-cuff performances by capturing their jam sessions for all the world to hear.  I have no doubt that we’re in for something unlike what we’ve ever heard before.  Join me in helping to construct this mad-lib of musical talent by backing The Tia Imani Hanna Project on Kickstarter before March 31.


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