Day 82: Wanderlust


March 22, 2012 by Alex Hoekstra

Every so often (and recently, with increasing frequency), I feel myself getting a little stir-crazy.  The world as I know it, as I live it every day, seems all of a sudden to be small and routine.  I could walk from day to day without really knowing the difference between yesterday and tomorrow.  It’s then that I crave a change of pace, or at least a change of scenery.  Sometimes all it takes it an unusually sunny day, but sometimes it takes a whole new continent.  And so, for me, travel is something to embrace.  I aspire to travel, regularly or irregularly, but with enough frequency to refresh myself.  Today’s project might help me learn how to do it, without needing to be a billionaire first.

This Book is About Travel is a compilation of stories, interviews and tips about traveling from a guy who’s spent the last year vagabonding across the globe.  Now he wants to help others follow in his footsteps.  Or perhaps rather to make some new ones of their own.

It is not an adventure of extravagance or wealth.   It is an adventure of constraints and character. This book, by design, is a manual for modern travel.

Andrew Hyde knows what it takes to stay in motion.  Having spent the last year on the road, in the air and across the oceans, he’s got stories and strategies to share on how regular folk like you and I can make the whole world our destination.  You’ll always find an excuse not to go, but Hyde is sharing his every reason for putting doubt aside and taking flight.

Travel means something different to everyone, and so no two journeys will be quite alike, but the possibilities are endless and the first step is knowing that you can take it and make it your own.  Help Hyde teach others how it’s done by backing him on Kickstarter before April 5.


One thought on “Day 82: Wanderlust

  1. […] as I believe I’ve said before, is good.  When done properly (and “proper” is subjective), traveling means exploring […]

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